In 2015, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia adopted the Public Administration Development Strategy 2015–2020. Its basic objectives are focused on “the quality and efficiency, transparency, and responsibility of public administration”.

In order to achieve these objectives, the Ministry of Public Administration launched the operation Effective Human Resources Management, which includes the following projects:

- setting up an information system for effective management and development of human resources (IS HR-growth)
- introducing a competency model 
- training public employees

The Training project run by the Administrative Academy aims to raise the level of competence of public employees in areas that are key to greater efficiency and professionalism.

These areas are leadership skills, digital competences, integrity and limiting corruption risks, better legislation, quality management, and project management.

The Training project also aims to introduce various modern forms of education (e-learning, interactive workshops, flipped learning, etc.) and the acquisition of various e-materials.

Target group: public employees working in state and local government and, in the area of integrity and transparency, employees of wider public sector organisations.

All courses delivered in the context of the Training project are free of charge for participants.


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